In June 2006, Alliance Sport Marketing began working with TiVo, the creators of the first digital video recorder (DVR) and an industry pioneer in home entertainment.  At this time, DVR’s were still fairly new.  Alliance Sport Marketing provided a vehicle to introduce TiVo to baseball fans in several markets.

On-Field Contest

Minor league baseball is best known for its unique and memorable contests and promotions that keep fans entertained between innings and throughout the game.  TiVo became a title sponsor of an on-field contest with each minor league team.

Fan favorite promotions included the Nashville Sounds’ “SURVIVOR” game.  Here, four fans were selected, each provided with a TiVo box.  Fans held the TiVo above their heads, in full view of fans in attendance.  The last fan with their TIVO above their head, won the TIVO ($220 value).

Other memorable contests included RACE AROUND THE BASES, MUSICAL CHAIRS, and BEAN BAG TOSS.

Promotional Beanies

TiVo character Beanies were also given away as part of the promotion.

Father’s Day Game

TiVo was recognized as sponsor of each team’s Father’s Day at the Ballpark promotion.  Fathers in attendance were given a certificate for a free TiVo Series 2 DVR (a $220 value) when they purchased a one-year TiVo subscription.

TiVo and Alliance Sport Marketing worked together to promote the release of TiVo KidZone through a Father’s Day promotion in 29 minor league baseball markets across the country.

Public Address and Scoreboard Announcements

Public Address and Scoreboard announcements were made leading up to and during Father’s Day, recognizing TiVo as the sponsor.


Fathers throughout the game were recognized and rewarded with a free TiVo.