Who We Are and What We Do

Why Alliance?

The challenge for most companies and organizations is navigating through all of the teams, events, and opportunities to know which investments are the most efficient and most effective. Our purpose is to utilize our experience in the industry to take on that challenge for you to ensure you are able to enjoy the successes of sport marketing. 

Alliance can coordinate and activate a multi-team sport marketing campaign for you. We will work with each venue in negotiating sponsorship opportunities, coordinate artwork and production of the elements, and insure execution of those elements.

The staff at Alliance has combined over 75 years experience in working with professional sports teams, facilities, and leagues. Our expertise enables us to represent sponsors in developing an effective campaign with multiple teams and facilities, negotiate the best deal possible, and ensure you are able to enjoy the successes of sport marketing.

We will provide you with an effective, focused sport campaign that is tailored to your objectives, a one-stop managed campaign in which we will coordinate all elements and production, and campaign follow-up and a final report listing all elements of your involvement.

What Makes Us Different?
Our agency doesn’t represent any individual property.  We work for you.  Our focus is your success.

By the 
Information on the Facts & Figures
Meet them where they are.
Sport Marketing offers businesses an opportunity to align themselves with a team and a sport to disseminate information to a captive audience.
Repetition, repetition.
Providing continuous repetition, spanning months during a season, this form of advertising is much more effective than a :30 second television commercial or an interstate billboard sign.
Time well spent.
Sport marketing reaches a captive audience during a sporting event, often lasting 3-4 hours.
Rapid Growth
The sport marketing industry has existed for more than 100 years, but has seen rapid growth recently--likely due to its ability to reach the young demographic, the ability to create brand loyalty, and the ability to reinforce a consistent message.
Passion Influences Behavior
"Sports Marketing (is) an industry built on tapping into fans' passions to influence behavior. No longer is sports marketing a veiled extension of advertising. Sports content is the core of an increasing number of brand campaigns providing the inspiration for advertising and other elements of the marketing mix."

-Lesson Plan: What Sports Marketing Can Teach Us
Jeff Shifrin, President
Octagon Marketing North America
Promo Magazine Online
It Must Be A Sign
Signs in sports venues provide exposure to fans watching the event. These signs reach not only fans in attendance, but some provide extended exposure through television broadcasts and highlight shows on local and national news programs.
Real World Experience
Sport Marketing isn't just venue signs. On-field promotions provide a unique and memorable experience attached to a sponsored message.
Double Play
Most venues today feature highly visible video scoreboards, with the ability to play :15 video commercials to fans between the action.
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What is Sport Marketing?

Sport marketing offers businesses an opportunity to align themselves with a team and a sport, and disseminate information to a captive audience. 

This type of marketing is often used to build positive brand awareness, support retail and sales promotions and gain an overall advantage in this specific market.

The sport marketing industry has existed for more than 100 years, but has seen rapid growth recently. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including the ability to reach the young demographic, the ability to create brand loyalty, and the ability to reinforce a consistent message.

What We Do

Alliance Sport Marketing is an agency specializing in multi-team and venue sponsorship acquisitions and activations.  Our team has a combined 75 years of work in professional sports.

Changing attitudes and behaviors through sport interaction. 


Alliance has the ability to take your vision and implement it.  We operate as an extension of your staff.  Our team is trained to engage and interact at events and provide outreach.  


Alliance provides you with one source for all your production needs.  Alliance can identify the right resources for each project, working directly with the vendor to ensure success, providing you with one point of contact for multiple projects. 

Media Buying

Alliance has experience in working with properties to provide you with one contract and one point of contact.  We work with the properties to provide you with the right medium to distribute your message and earn the best return on your investment.

Campaign Development

We have the ability to develop a campaign from start to finish.  From concept to reality.  We have the experience to develop a message, logo, branding, and activation.  We are problem solvers. 


Our experience is beneficial in reviewing what works and what needs improvement.  The Alliance team can evaluate your current partnerships and provide expert analysis as well as recommend changes or additional opportunities that may not have been considered.  

The Faces Behind Our Success

Meet Our Team

Chris Snyder
Jason Bennett
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Brandon Vonderharr
Dustin Skilbred
Vice President of Operations
Brandon Yerger
General Manager
Eric Jones
Senior Director of Marketing and Business Operations
Annelise Alfieri
Digital Marketing Associate
Grant Covey
Indiana Regional Manager
Tara Goodwill
Operations Manager
Sophia Goossen
Youth Program Manager
Madison Kay
Nashville Event Manager
Chase Mlecz
Northeast Event Manager
Rylie Pease
Rocky Mountain Regional Manager
Michaela Smith
Youth Program Manager and PP&E Specialist
Alicia Armes
Event Coordinator
Pedro Calderon
Event Coordinator
Ashley Denney
Event Coordinator
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Rafael Esparza
Event Coordinator
Jack Fort
Event Coordinator
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Devashish Gaikwad
Event Coordinator
Austin Herb
Event Coordinator
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Kellen Hodges
Event Coordinator
Rebekah Kinworthy
Event Coordinator
Abigail Mars
Event Coordinator
Nicholas Vial
Event Coordinator
Owen Russell
Event Coordinator
Owen Potucek
Event Coordinator
Millie Toone
Event Coordinator