Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation

Alliance Sport Marketing worked with the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation to promote the Used Oil Recycling program.


The campaign included a partnership with twenty motorsports venues across the state, featuring trackside billboards and nightly public address announcements.  In addition, Alliance staff were at one event for each racetrack with an interactive display to answer questions about Used Oil Recycling.

Car Shows

Alliance team members visited fifteen car shows across the state to promote Used Oil Recycling.  Car shows held a high concentration of auto enthusiasts and shade tree mechanics who are more likely to change their own oil.

Car Club Outreach

There are over 85 recognized car club associations in Tennessee. Alliance reached out to all of the car clubs and provided each with a personalized vinyl banner.  These banners included the Used Oil Recycling campaign logos, and were used by the car clubs when they were set-up at car shows and community functions.

Oil Recycling Rewards

Alliance developed a rewards campaign to promote Used Oil Recycling. The campaign included a website with information on how and where to recycle your used oil, and gave registrants a chance to win gift cards on other promotional items by checking-in at local recycling centers.