Nebraska Office of Highway Safety

The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety utilized Alliance Sport Marketing to coordinate a multi-venue campaign through ten (10) motorsports venues across the state, reaching the high-risk key demographic.

Signage:  Premium signage located in each of the venues reaching a captive audience during the 3-4 hour sporting event.

Public address announcements:  Nightly public address announcements made during each event.

Nebraska Office of Highway Safety Night:  On-site presence during one event for each venue gave the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety a chance to interact with fans.  

Schedule Posters:  Logo inclusion on schedule posters produced for each venue.  Schedule posters were placed throughout the community in high traffic locations providing exposure throughout the year.  

Watch for Motorcycles:  The Watch For Motorcycles campaign was also used for events at the racetracks.  Additional signage, promotional items, and logo inclusions provided additional exposure during events regarding the importance of this safety message.


  • Beatrice Speedway
  • Boone County Raceway
  • Dawson County Raceway
  • Eagle Raceway
  • KAM Raceway
  • Kearny Raceway Park
  • I-80 Speedway
  • Junction Motor Speedway
  • Lincoln County Speedway
  • Mid Nebraska Motorsports Park
  • Riviera Raceway