Maryland Highway Safety – Keep Maryland Beautiful

Signage:  Trash receptacles in each of the nine ballparks were branded with the Stop Litter message. Public address announcements:  Nightly public address announcements made during each event.

Public Address Announcements:  Nightly public address and scoreboard announcements were made, and each team provided a banner ad and link on its website.

Between Inning Trash Pickup:  During the sixth inning, team mascot and staff were involved in a between inning promotion designed to remind fans how litter can easily pile up.  Fans were asked to look around their seats and assist with picking up after themselves.  

Previously, fans would leave hot dog wrappers, soda bottles, and other trash around their seats after the game.  Now, fans began to become more aware of their surroundings.  The promotion was a huge success and became a fan favorite. 

  • Aberdeen Ironbirds
  • Delmarva Shorebirds
  • Frederick Keys
  • Hagerstown Suns
  • Southern Maryland Blue Crabs