High Schools

High School State Tournaments are a great opportunity to reach fans from locations all across the state when they are gathered in one place to show support for their communities and cheer on the young athletes representing their hometowns.

Highway Safety School Presentation Tour

Alliance has created a highway safety presentation tour for the highway safety offices in Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maine. The tour includes highway safety presentations to high school students across the state.

Interactive School Display Tour

Alliance visits school across the state with an interactive display. At the display, students will be invited to take part in interactive elements such as an driving simulator and other campaign related interaction. Many times the interactive tour is done in conjunction with the school presentation tour.

Campaign Materials Kit

Promotional materials are distributed to high schools across the state. The kits will include campaign banners and posters to hang in the school, sample announcements to be read at sporting events and over the school intercom during daily announcements and flash drives with campaign materials.

Teen Safety Week

This past October, Alliance planned and executed a marketing plan for the Delaware Highway Safety Office for Teen Safety week. The plan included school visits, campaign material kits, and a peer-to-peer digital marketing campaign designed to reach teens.

Coaches Playbook

GHSA released a report in 2015 called “Under Their Influence: The New Teen Safe Driving Champions.” The report identified coaches as great influencers. The highway safety office in Maine tasked us with creating a campaign to educate coaches on highway safety. The result was a Coaches Playbook.

Safe Driving Activities Pledge

Included in the Coaches Playbook campaign in Maine is a Safe Driving activities pledge. Activities Directors in each school will be encouraged to require that all of the participants in extra-curricular activities sign a pledge to always wear their seat belts, drive sober and never drive distracted.

Team Photo Banners

Alliance has designed, produced, and distributed team photo banners to schools in Nebraska and Delaware. The banners include a photo of the team and the campaign message. This year the schools in Maine who participate in the Pledge program will receive a team photo banner for their school.

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